An Hour with a Venetian Mask

Some subjects are just mesmerizing – and Venetian Masks are one of them.

I found one which we bought on honeymoon (several years ago), and ‘put it to one side’ for a wet Sunday afternoon.

Venetian 1

The agency I shoot for always like stuff on the ‘dark side’ of things (they do a lot of crime novel covers), so I tried a few different angles, being especially attracted to light coming in from behind the mask through the eyes. Maybe it was near Halloween….

Venetian 2

I’m sorry to say that I can’t remember what I kit I shot these on – probably an Olympus 620 with and old Zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro lens. It doesn’t really matter!

Venetian 3

Similar to #1 but with more colour – can’t tell which I like better to be honest.

Venetian 4

This one wasn’t quite in focus but I thought it looked quite good anyway.

Venetian 5

Hopefully this has inspired some of you to shoot something like this – very therapeutic on a Sunday afternoon!


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