Tree Tuesday Part Fifteen

A bit of an unusual Tree Tuesday this week – and rather sad. This is a Black Poplar in the grounds of the National Trust’s White Mill in East Dorset – a place I know very well as I’m a volunteer there during the summer. It’s age is anywhere between 300 and 500 years and the species itself is very rare.


It died several years ago, and we didn’t know that the stump was hollow. The years of spiders webs and rotting wood accumulated in there is spectacular.


I suppose the very high rainfall we’ve had this year contributed to the collapse, and as the tree is now unsafe it will have to be cut down – this is in a garden open to the public. It’s provided a home for snakes, birds and huge fungi for many years and will be greatly missed by all who know the site.

On the positive side, many cuttings were taken 15 years ago and are planted around East Dorset, so it’s not all bad.

Thanks for looking – Happy Tree Tuesday.

ps. There’s an article about Black Poplars here if you’re interested.


Tree Tuesday Part Fourteen

Part fourteen already? Well here we go…

First up – a telephoto shot of a clump of trees on an autumn day in Wiltshire. That dark sky and foreground made a nice shot (four images).


This ones on film with a fast telephoto lens (can’t remember what), and lots of post processing gave an IR effect.


Next the fog just past this tree made a nice ‘horizon’ in some morning mist.


Finally a village street and road on a stormy morning.


As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography. Happy Tree Tueaday!

Tree Tuesday Part Thirteen

Been in a bit of a mood for abstracts at the moment, so here’s a few for Tree Tuesday in a similar vein, hope you like them.

First one taken on the ever reliable Zuiko 50mm f1.4 – a thorn bush on the 60D. With these sort of shots the background, even though out of focus, is just as important as the main subject – a difficult thing to remember for me at least. Layered in Photoshop.


Next – a Lensbaby shot taken with a quarry in the background and just an image of vague shapes really.


Finally, a ‘frame’ shot of, well not very much really – these are for book covers after all. Imagine it with the title and author and you get the idea – at least a I hope a cover designer will!


Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography. Have a good Tree Tuesday!

Tree Tuesday Part Twelve

It’s Tuesday again (well nearly), and that means trees… I’ve dug out an old friend from the vaults and recharged the battery – the Fuji F810 converted for IR with a small screwdriver. It’s still working fine if a bit eccentrically, especially in the mode dial department, but it still works!

Equipped with this and an R72 filter held over the lens here’ s todays Tree Tuesday.

First – a huge oak which is in a lane nearby. The trunk must be seven feet thick and the tree itself several hundred years old. There’s enough creeper growth to give some IR response, so this is a good time of year to shoot before the main leaf canopy bursts out.


Second – the same tree from a different angle across the fields. It probably started as a hedgerow tree and was allowed to grow, maybe in the 1700’s. There’s a rule called ‘Hooper’s Law’ which states that a hedgerow gains a woody species in a thirty metre section every hundred years – I must try a stretch of this one to check. The track next to the tree is at least two hundred years old (it’s on an old map), so it’s probably much older.


Unusually these weren’t taken for the book cover market, but just for fun and Tree Tuesday – hope you like them and thanks for looking!

Tree Tuesday Part Eleven

This is becoming a Tuesday ritual! Two more for the Tree Tuesday ‘event’.

First one – taken a Lensbaby and a symmetrical composition of a leafless tree in a roadside car park puddle, layered on Photoshop.


Second – contrasting a Georgian arched window with a tree in spring about to burst into leaf. Now I look at it again, the variation in the darkness of the window panes is good too…


Thanks for looking – hope you like them!

Tree Tuesday Part Ten

Two more for Tree Tuesday – hope you like them.

Both in infrared – the first one is a clump or trees on a very exposed hilltop, hence the bent and contorted forms.


Second one taken ages ago on an Olympus 8080 on a windy day on the heath nearby. This one’s a silver birch as I remember.


Happy tree Tuesday!

Tree Tuesday Part Nine

A few more for ‘Tree Tuesday’ – hope you like them.

First shot on Rollei IR400 film plus an R72 filter on an OM1N/28mm. All the classic IR characteristics are there – black water and dark blue sky set against light foliage.


Next, maybe not so excitingly, taken on a Canon G9 – the telephone wires split the frame in two, converted to mono in DXO filmpack.


So – happy ‘Tree Tuesday’