Sunlight at Last – Infrareds!

Something like summer has finally arrived in the UK, and so its infrared season again – here are a few from the archive.

This first one was taken on a Sony R1 with an R72 filter and a tripod – toned slightly to give it a more dramatic tone. That curving railing really leads the eye on to the main subject.


infrared church

Next the converted Fuji 810 which soldiers on year after year allowing hand-held IR on a sunny day at base ISOs – pity it’s not more than 12 Mp! Although I prefer IR film, the ability to just pack this small camera with a filter into a trip and shoot without a tripod allows for a lot more IR shots.


Sony R1 again – and a rare IR shot which turned out as I’d imagined!


Finally the Fuji again and a dark stormy sky on a walk out near the coast. This took a lot of post processing! 00129793

All shots for the book cover market – thanks for looking and hope you like them!

Weekend Infrareds

Time for a few infrared images, and why not – it’s Friday – have a good weekend!  All shots on a converted Fuji F810 + R72 filter (3 images).

All of these were from a typical IR location but the pollarded trees added an extra something.


Same location and the appeal of converging lines always sets something off when I see it.


This one’s a favourite – with digital IR the exposure is always a bit hit and miss – this one was just what I was after!


All shots taken for the book cover market – thanks for looking and hope you like them!

Tree Tuesday Part Twelve

It’s Tuesday again (well nearly), and that means trees… I’ve dug out an old friend from the vaults and recharged the battery – the Fuji F810 converted for IR with a small screwdriver. It’s still working fine if a bit eccentrically, especially in the mode dial department, but it still works!

Equipped with this and an R72 filter held over the lens here’ s todays Tree Tuesday.

First – a huge oak which is in a lane nearby. The trunk must be seven feet thick and the tree itself several hundred years old. There’s enough creeper growth to give some IR response, so this is a good time of year to shoot before the main leaf canopy bursts out.


Second – the same tree from a different angle across the fields. It probably started as a hedgerow tree and was allowed to grow, maybe in the 1700’s. There’s a rule called ‘Hooper’s Law’ which states that a hedgerow gains a woody species in a thirty metre section every hundred years – I must try a stretch of this one to check. The track next to the tree is at least two hundred years old (it’s on an old map), so it’s probably much older.


Unusually these weren’t taken for the book cover market, but just for fun and Tree Tuesday – hope you like them and thanks for looking!

Infrared Landscapes

Enough lens reviews – back to just pictures – and infrared ones at that!

I’ve usually used IR for specific genres – medium distance views of deciduous trees, graveyards and spooky stuff generally. What I’ve been trying (with mixed success) over the last few years is to use it for what you might call ‘classical landscapes’ to see what happens – so here are the results.

First – taken on the modified Fuji F810 + R72 and a walk down to the coast cliffs in the summer to Winspit. The lines cut into the hill are medieval strip lynchets built to press more land into production on hill slopes.


Next a lunchtime trip from work believe it or not (living in Dorset has it’s advantages). Rather than my usual treatment of  desaturating everything and then toning , the channel mixer was used. There’s not much room for manoeuvre though as most of the information is in the red channel.


More channel mixing here – to give a ‘blood red’ effect. The shot was taken across the fields to Dorchester on a long tele setting.


Finally a personal favourite – storm clouds bubbling up on the horizon and a long walk to the car park. Simple desaturation and ‘levels’.


As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking!

Time For Some More Infrared

It’s been a while since I posted any infrared as I was determined to post something else. It’s been a while though, so here goes (four images). All shot on a Fuji F810 converted to IR, shot through a Hoya R72 filter.

First – IR through old glass – an arched church window on a very nice day. The window frames the clouds nicely.


This next one was a real surprise – a chance shot of a tennis court net which turned out to be a real abstract. Still you never know what you’re going to get with IR…


Aah – a traditional bit if IR gothic – ivy growing over a church window.


Finally an old WW2 observation post overlooking the English Channel. There’s something about the post-processed colours and the intersection of lines I like – not sure why…


As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography. It’s IR film next!