I’m Rob Lambert, a self-taught semi-pro stock photographer based in Dorset (UK), and this blog is written to encourage photographers thinking of getting into the photo stock business or those just interested in improving their photographic technique and processing. I’m hoping that by blogging about it I’ll improve too.

I’d like to prove that you don’t need thousands of pounds worth of kit to get started in stock or general photography – just a good eye and some imagination.

This is written purely from a personal viewpoint. Some the images on the site are for sale via my agency Arcangel Images but others are taken purely for the blog.

I’m not sponsored by any companies (unfortunately) so it’s all unbiased.

Shooting using film and digital I’ll be dealing with film types and their processing, scanning, post-processing (Adobe Photoshop) and why some images ‘work’ and some don’t. It should also get me thinking about how I’m working, as too often it seems a bit haphazard. That’s the nice thing about photography – always learning.

Moving Dancers – Canon 60D

I’ll do some posts on ‘experimental’ photography too for when you get a bit bored with digital perfection!

Wet Day Shot 1

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look.



38 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I find this really interesting. I love your book covers. Lately I’ve been wondering how to get into doing some stock photography – I was thinking about postcards, book jackets are great. Can we talk?

    • Hello Jen and thanks for the comments. The best thing to do is find an agency who’s style and subject matter are closest to your own, prepare an initial submission and get accepted. There are loads of agencies which take travel pictures – as you’re travelling a lot that might be a good place to start.
      Don’t be put of by any initial rejections – just keep trying and you’ll get there.
      If you’ve got any questions just ask! I’ll do my best to answer them.

      • Very inspiring..I had my DLSR camera last year, start learning about photography and thinking about stock photography also. I think I will looking for agencies in my country.
        And thanks for liking my photo so I can find you blog. I really want to express my feeling and opinion but my english not good (I can understand what someone write in english but not really good in writing). Thank you

      • Hi Saptorini,
        Hope the stock photography goes well. Your work after just a year is very good – I may need to start worrying about competition!

  2. thanks for stopping by and liking my post. You have some beautiful shots on your site. I really enjoyed the black and white film shots. They seem to really portray specific moods. It inspired me to try more B&W with my images. Best Wishes!

    • Thanke Eddie – B/W is miles better than colour and much less distracting! When I process colour shots I’m usually moving the ‘saturation’ slider to the left to try to get rid of it!

  3. Hey, you’ve got a great eye for B&W’s- love the tonal ranges I’m seeing. I think my favourite one is the B&W with the black fence/bar thingy and the super bright exposed area in the NG (white)- it’s pushed just enough to be semi-screaming but definitely not burnt- it’s gorgeous. :0) Fine work here, Rob.

    • Hello Danielle – thanks for the interest.

      I work through Arcangel Images (http://www.arcangel-images.com) who have done well for me over the last few years.

      Hope there’s something there for there for some indie authors – lots of photographers producing original work mainly for the book cover market (plug over).

      There’s a link for my stuff here.

      Good luck with your publishing!


  4. Thanks for following my blog, nice to see another user with a Sony RX100. I know you must have other cameras too, but its handy to keep with you when the bigger ones don’t suit the occasion.

  5. Hi Rob,
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog and have just recommended it to one of my followers. I’ve also added a link to your site under my “Be Inspired” blogroll. Because your site name starts with number you are top of the list!
    Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday break.
    Best wishes,
    Mr Cafe 🙂

    • Thanks Mr Cafe! That’s appreciated. Those new shots of Tinsley look very nice. I’m still messing about with Dramatic Tone but in a more remote location than yours..

  6. Rob, thank you for your well organised, competent and aesthetically pleasing blog and review pages, which sets yours apart from all the mediocre internet stuff.
    From the days of my first OM2n I own a fine set of OM – lenses (amongst them the 2.0/100 and the fine macros [3.5,2.0]/50, 2.0/90, 4.5/135). When Olympus started again with its digital Four-Third- & MFT- series I was very happy to use these gems again. In order to apply them as FF- lenses I bought a Sony A7r as well. Even on the 16MB – MFT- Sensors with the higher pixel resolution per area compared to the 36MB – Sony sensor they work extremely well, using just the center area of their image circle.
    Please keep your site going!

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