Something a Bit Different

For me anyway…. The Wimborne Folk Festival (Dorset, UK) has been on this weekend and I’ve been wandering with a canon 60D and an EF 70-300mm lens trying to get a flavour of the event, which can be distinctly eccentric – and very enjoyable….

This isn’t my normal choice of subject so this is as close to street photography as I’ll probably ever get!

This one took some serious post processing due to the low contrast of the phone LCD. A few layers and lots of messing around seemed to do the trick.


There’s a range of troupe (oops – ‘side’) outfits varying from bright summer colours, through lightly decorated whites to very dark rags, so lots of variety. The light and dark outfits can make a real mess of the exposure on a bright day so there’s lots of exposure compensation required.



And some performers are, well, I’ll let you decide (the one on the right is a proper Police Community Support Officer by the way)….


There are lots of stages set up, but the main problem is trying to get a clean background. This set was quite good but a really fast telephoto would have blurred away the background even better.


There are loads of shops selling everything imaginable really – this one’s name caught my eye…


One from last year on Rollei Blackbird on an Olympus OM2N and a Zuiko 85mm f2 lens. This one might well be my favourite.


It was good to try a some subject matter – not a single infrared or Lensbaby shot was taken!

All good fun and not very serious – thanks for looking, hope you like them.


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