60 Minutes Compressed into One

Last weekend’s storm in the UK provided some great opportunities to shoot more of a timelapse video, currently in progress at the Knowlton historical monument.



The day before the St Jude storm the wind really picked up – perfect weather for timelapse as things are happening so quickly only short sequences are required to show the passage of time. Rather than 12 minute segments, 3 to 5 minutes were all that were required. These are compressed to one minute and stitched together, all very productive apart from blowing the tripod over!

St Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes (or souls) – as the sequence fades to night maybe there’s something in that…

So here’s 60 minutes of ‘real time’ footage, which has been compressed to 15 minutes of final video, then further compressed to 1 minute for Vimeo upload.

All shot on a Canon 60D and a Sigma 10-20mm lens at the 10mm setting, f8.

Hope you like this – thanks for looking!

Spooky Monuments

Shooting for book covers sometimes draws you to some unusual subjects, and this is one of them – spooky, some might say macabre memorials which lurk around various old buildings and always make a compelling subject.

First one on a Lensbaby with the plastic lens, toned in post-processing.


Next a remarkably fine carving of a skull – they really were ghoulish in the 1700’s! This is on the Zuiko 50mm f1.4 wide open, and displaying some very odd bokeh – it’s rather annoyingly distracting but never mind…00145617

Finally a real horror of a monument – how sensibilities have changed over 250 years. 00178455

Thanks for looking – hope you like them (if you can like something like this!).