Dramatic Tone Landscapes

Having liked this effect on chalk downland landscapes in an earlier post last November,  it was only a matter of time before another shoot. These were all taken on an Oly EPL5 with a 40-150mm Zuiko on the Wiltshire/Dorset border (southern UK) in January during a brief break in what has been truly terrible winter weather.

The ‘Dramatic Tone’ effect – if used with care – can produce some impressive images on a dull day. Winter seems to be the best time to take these as the bare trees and ploughed fields seem to suit the moody darkness of the images.

These are cropped to a square format from the 4/3 ratio of the Oly because they (and a few others) are going to be printed and framed in groups of three as a series of triptych type arrangements.

The shot above was a quick ‘grab shot’ – the lonely figure looked perfect, but only for a few seconds as he disappeared over the horizon.

Finally a nice sweeping landscape looking towards Shaftesbury – the edges of the downs are quite impressive too!

Thanks for looking – hope you like them!


15 thoughts on “Dramatic Tone Landscapes

  1. Some really beautiful images here. I’m glad you went back, ’cause it was all coming together this time (honestly, I wasn’t into the November post’s photos, but these are great)!

      • Yes, absolutely. And sometimes you have that serendipitous moment when it all comes together at the right time in the right way. I feel the figure disappearing over the horizon is an example of that – the fog framing his dark silhouette is just perfect!

      • That was a nice piece of luck – right lens on the camera, light just right. Oddly I didn’t think much about it when it was taken, it was only when I was looking at the day’s shots that it stood out.

  2. Oh, I like these very, very much. The tones are wonderful, and I am wrestling with myself over which I prefer. The lone figure, perhaps, but they belong together. Glad I found you.

    • Thanks Dave,

      I’ve been struggling sorting these out for printing in a group of three, but seem to have got there eventually. The set is off at the printers so it’s too late to change my mind now!
      Al the best with your blog,


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