The Best of the Last Few Days

Four images here – all taken on the chalk downland where I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. All taken with a Plastic Lensbaby on a Canon 60D in very nice weather.

Focussing on the LCD using ‘focus magnify’ is pretty much essential with these lenses – the viewfinder is more or less useless for nailing perfect focus.  This is mainly because the zone of focus for the plastic is very vague with no aperture disk installed. The 1/8000th of a second shutter speed of the 80D is very useful at max aperture in bright sunlight.

This first one really shows off why I really like the plastic lens and make images taken with it unlike any others.


Next a more conventional ‘soft’ image of some railings – pretty simple but good nonetheless.


Third one is door metalwork on a medieval church door – that tone as it blurs to darkness is lovely.


Finally one featuring some grasses with a distant house adding something to the image – just blurred enough to be recognisable, not sharp enough to be to obvious – perfect!


Hope you like them – all shot for the book cover market. Thanks for looking.


7 thoughts on “The Best of the Last Few Days

  1. Lovely all three, I too do like to use the Plastic LB. Can I ask you though Rob what do you mean by “Focussing on the LCD using ‘focus magnify’ ” Is it something peculiar to your Canon 60D?

    • Hello Lesley – maybe I could have described this better, so being as precise as I can (you probably already know this) :-
      It’s usually called ‘Live View’ on DSLRs (using the LCD for composition/focus rather than using the viewfinder). In ‘Live View’ a portion of the image can be magnified 5x or 10x to allow very precise focus using MF lenses. I think most DSLRs have this facility – not just the 60D – but the articulated screen on the 60D makes it particularly flexible. The magnify button is the top right button on the back of the camera body.
      Hope this helps

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