Just Wandering Around…

A few more from the Sony RX100 – and no infrared at least for a short while. As the weather in the UK (Dorset at least) has suddenly broken, and after a cold spring, late spring/summer has finally arrived. The late summer has resulted in every plant bursting out in one go, flowers and pollen everywhere…

This first one is using’ the Toy Camera’ JPEG setting, plus a -1 exposure compensation to make sure the yellow colour channel isn’t blown out (the green/yellows of this camera are over saturated).


  This one uses the ‘Rich Tone Mono’ setting where three shots at different exposures are combined to extend the dynamic range. The whites of the flowers are a bit overexposed – my fault – but it’s a nice image.


  “Short while” over …. I couldn’t resist two more infra-reds – processed as per the last post. When you’ve got an IR R72 filter in your pocket and a sunny day on the heath – well what can you do?


  This tree is ancient – growing on an old Roman road running from Badbury Rings to Salisbury and this is the first shot I’ve got of it which I’m happy with.


Thanks for looking – hope you like them.


6 thoughts on “Just Wandering Around…

      • Mmmm, have been a bit lax since I left my 27″ iMac behind, working from a 13″ screen loses the appeal a bit! Have been having lower acceptance than at first but realising why is the lesson. Who knows if I have sold anything, do they tell you?!

      • They’ve been getting really tough on the acceptance rate lately – something I thing is pretty good as they were a bit lax for a few years. Sometimes I don’t initially agree with their selection but it’s usually right when I look back a few months later.

        As for getting paid – well that’s always a bit of a mystery depending on your method of payment. You never know until the email arrives!

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