Sunlight at Last – Infrareds!

Something like summer has finally arrived in the UK, and so its infrared season again – here are a few from the archive.

This first one was taken on a Sony R1 with an R72 filter and a tripod – toned slightly to give it a more dramatic tone. That curving railing really leads the eye on to the main subject.


infrared church

Next the converted Fuji 810 which soldiers on year after year allowing hand-held IR on a sunny day at base ISOs – pity it’s not more than 12 Mp! Although I prefer IR film, the ability to just pack this small camera with a filter into a trip and shoot without a tripod allows for a lot more IR shots.


Sony R1 again – and a rare IR shot which turned out as I’d imagined!


Finally the Fuji again and a dark stormy sky on a walk out near the coast. This took a lot of post processing! 00129793

All shots for the book cover market – thanks for looking and hope you like them!


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