Here’s a few with a general theme of ‘silhouette’ – often the only graphically strong option on a day with flat lighting. There’s usually enough contrast between trees, railings etc and an overcast sky to provide a good image – even if it sometimes takes a boost in contrast to really bring the best from the shot.

First one – a grab shot on a 60D with a telephoto zoom. The crow was flying into the shot and turned up right on cue in the viewfinder.


Next a simple abstract of a church lantern and some bare trees. 00228205

This flock of starlings good enough to stop the car for (I was on the way to shoot so had all the kit ready). The contrast was increased using a DXO Filmpack ‘ortho’ film setting.00199875

OK – this is more of a shadow than a silhouette, but it’s sort of in the right post. Lightly textured in photoshop.


All shots taken for the book market, hope you like them and thanks for looking.


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