AgfaPhoto APX100 Film

After doing some posts on various Ilford, Adox and Fuji films I realised I hadn’t done one on the film I use most, Agfaphoto APX100. This is an excellent general purpose film, reasonably priced, fine grained with very good contrast control. Although other films may be better in any single aspect, this emulsion strikes just the right balance for me.

These first few were all taken on a dull, wet day to add to the challenge, using an Olympus Om1N and a 50mm f1.4 lens.


Although the negs were fairly low in contrast it’s always easy to add some in post-processing. If they’re very contrasty to start with you’re stuck with it! I liked the vintage feel to the next shot – could have been taken 60 years ago.


Same with this one…


The curved distortion of the 50mm F1.4 wide open (lower part of the frame) is quite noticable here – I quite like it, but others won’t. It’s gone at F2.


Finally one which made it to the agency – a bandstand shot through a dirty shelter window.


At about £3 for a 35mm/36 exp roll in the UK (less if bulk bought) it’s a recommended choice for an ‘everyday’ B/W film. While it doesn’t have any strong characteristics – such as Rollei Blackbird or Ilford Pan F+ – it’s a consistently well behaved film with a great range of midtones providing loads of scope for post-processing to get a desired final result.

Thanks for looking – hope you find this useful.


8 thoughts on “AgfaPhoto APX100 Film

  1. Ah, I love these! It’s sort of like a dismal view with shards of hope coming through – if I make any sense at all there ha ha!

    I feel like, yes, the weather is dreary and the shots are in black and white, but there is beauty in each photograph. Especially the one with the long and narrow path… you see the houses in the background to the left and know someone inside, it’s dry and warm.

  2. Nice illustration.

    I love the tones and contrast on the table and chairs one. My current favourite lens, a Zeiss ZM C-Sonnar, does that swirly aberration thing on out-of-focus areas at f1.5, too.

    • Hello Joe – I’ve got a roll or two of Kentmere in the fridge I was going to use up once the AgfaPhoto rolls are finished.
      I’ll post a write up when it’s done.
      Do you develop in ID11/D76 or Rodinal for best results?

      • You know I’d guess that you’d get best results with Ilford developers. I actually don’t have the room available to do my own developing so I’ve been sending it out through my local camera shop…don’t know what they use and I suppose it could make a difference.

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