Shooting Doors Part Seven

Apologies for the delay – a few for the Legion.

First one shot on the site of a derelict lab – the main focus was the broken glass but there is a door in there somewhere in my defence….


Next another mysterious open infra red door with light foliage surrounding it – can’t resist them!


Finally a de-focussed shot of light emerging from around a church door (always the best ones) – and the bit of green chromatic aberration caused by the light through the keyhole make this one.


All shots for the book cover market – as always – hope you like them!


8 thoughts on “Shooting Doors Part Seven

    • Hello Lesley – I like to wing in an out of focus one from time to time just to see if Arcangel will accept it. They usually do but I’ve not had any buyers yet!

      • It is difficult to judge what they want as I am discovering, getting about half back accepted at the mo, but, really surprised at some they reject like my misty foggy blue toned shot of dunes and sky, swore it was a winner! 😦 How many do you reckon are judging on the team, is it a case of who you get do u think?

      • I am finding it harder not easier to know what appeals to them, on average I am getting half back accepted which I suppose is not too bad?
        Perhaps they have a big team and it depends who you get to look at your pics!

      • Hello Lesley
        50% isn’t bad at all – I’ve had 2/3 rejected sometimes! The reject rate goes up if several shots of the same thing are sent as only the best one or two are accepted. The important thing is not to treat it personally or get frustrated – when I look back on a submission weeks later they’re usually right.
        If you really think a shot should have been accepted try it again in a subsequent submission – though don’t do this too often!
        You’ve got some really good shots up there so far with a very critical set of editors – keep going!

      • Thank Rob – thats a relief, I heed your words and will keep going. I am enjoying it, something creative away from project work. thanks for your advice 😉

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