A Few More Bits and Pieces

Another non-themed post made up of shots that don’t fit into any particular category – and what a mish mash we’ve got here!

First – autumn and some wet paving slabs. Given a colour characteristic in DXO filmpack (Superia I think) but other than that…(3 images)


Changing tack completely, a wrecked TV in one of the abandoned house locations. Why someone smashed it then stuffed some aluminium food packaging in there like a microwave is anyone’s guess.00180315

Finally a fairy ornament from a hobby shop resting on some leaves – part of a macro shoot which didn’t really work out as I’d planned but produced something which wasn’t too bad. 00225283

I told you this was a mish mash!

All shots taken for the book cover market – in a remarkably random way – thanks for looking and hope you like them!


6 thoughts on “A Few More Bits and Pieces

      • Ah, got it. I’ve heard of those but never played around with one. Do you know if they make them for the Canon FD mount? It’d be cool to try it out with my Canon AE-1.

      • Hello Pjbrez,

        I think they’re only available for Canons in an EF mount which means one of the EOS film cameras. It’s not that bad though as an old EOS camera is still very cheap by comparison with a new Lensbaby (which are quite expensive for what they are).


      • Got it, thanks for your comment! I have a growing film camera collection, but I’m not too sure about picking up an EOS. If anything, I’m looking for an Olympus XA2 or a Yashica Electro if I’m going to pick up another 35mm camera at the moment. Anyhow, I really like the look that lensbaby can produce. I’ll think it over : )

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