Foggy Days Part Four

Though this winter has been bad, there’s a lot of water about which, with a bit of cold air now and again means fog! It’s by far the best weather for photography, and it never lasts too long which adds a bit of extra pressure to get those atmospheric shots (four images).

All these were taken in a short 15 minute period on a Canon 60D and a 15 – 85mm lens. I liked the feeling of foggy silence and isolation in this one.


Post processing consisted of texture layering to enhance the fog and below some lightening of the foreground to add some detail to the forest floor.


This shot’s red channel was tweaked to give some more punch to the leaves on the forest floor as they were a bit pale.


Finally a simple layer to darken the darker midtones which brings the image closer to the scene as viewed.


As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking!


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