A Few More by the Sea

Time for a few seaside shots as it’s slowly getting warmer and though it’s not exactly beach weather, it’s getting there.

First shot taken ages ago with the ISO cranked way up on a Sony P200 – oddly the grain and banding effect add to this (maybe).


Next – same camera, and a highly processed image of some ripples in the sand. This wasn’t much until the ‘levels’ tool in Photoshop brought out some contrast.


I’m really not sure what these were for – a series of roped posts sectioning off a bit of empty winter beach. Still, it made a good subject so I’m not complaining. Looks like the Lensbaby on the 60D.


Finally one taken on APX100 film – those highlights in the seawater have a very analogue look to them!


All book cover shots again – hope you like them!


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