A Few in the Crime Genre

The agency I shoot for specialises in creative publication imagery and crime novels are a bit of a speciality of theirs, so inevitably you end up taking some unusual shots…

Onto the first one, shot after a vintage photo shoot in abandoned building (obviously). Toned and textured in Photoshop, the fallen chair in the deserted building  is something of a crime book cover classic subject.


This one’s  in a different vein –  thanks Pete for standing in the doorway. It’s a ‘frame within a frame’ shot of a reflection in a mirror and hopefully conveys some implied surprise or tension. This has just some basic toning to bring out some greys in the white paintwork surround.00217850

Finally a shot taken in some tunnels and a figure running towards the light with a slow shutter speed. A classic cover shot if ever there was one..


Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


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