Tree Tuesday Part Twelve

It’s Tuesday again (well nearly), and that means trees… I’ve dug out an old friend from the vaults and recharged the battery – the Fuji F810 converted for IR with a small screwdriver. It’s still working fine if a bit eccentrically, especially in the mode dial department, but it still works!

Equipped with this and an R72 filter held over the lens here’ s todays Tree Tuesday.

First – a huge oak which is in a lane nearby. The trunk must be seven feet thick and the tree itself several hundred years old. There’s enough creeper growth to give some IR response, so this is a good time of year to shoot before the main leaf canopy bursts out.


Second – the same tree from a different angle across the fields. It probably started as a hedgerow tree and was allowed to grow, maybe in the 1700’s. There’s a rule called ‘Hooper’s Law’ which states that a hedgerow gains a woody species in a thirty metre section every hundred years – I must try a stretch of this one to check. The track next to the tree is at least two hundred years old (it’s on an old map), so it’s probably much older.


Unusually these weren’t taken for the book cover market, but just for fun and Tree Tuesday – hope you like them and thanks for looking!


11 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday Part Twelve

    • Thanks Marie, spring is slowly coming here in the UK (hence some infrared), hope it’s starting to feel a bit warmer where you are. I was a bit shocked by some of those temperatures you were reporting a few months ago!

      • Oh, I’m so jealous! It’s better now, but still winter, no spring in sight yet…
        But in my film fridge I have some nice IR film, waiting for spring too… 😉

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