Texture Abstracts

Enought kit posts – time for some proper photographs rather than test shots.

First one – a rusty industrial welded piece of steel on an old steam engine with the remnants of blue/grey paint.


Second, a very worn chair – original horse hair stuffing showing through one hundred year old leather. I really like the twists of white to the top left.00074971

Rust and colourful paint on a beach hut contrasting with the red rust and blue of skies and sea reflecting in the glass of the windows.


And finally – almost an abstract painting – the worn hull of a boat originally taken for use as a texture layer but it’s not too bad on it’s own!00145634

As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking!


9 thoughts on “Texture Abstracts

    • Hello Speeddemon – the ‘Rights Managed Stock’ tab has some info on getting into the covers market. Have a browse around the Arcangel and Trevillion websites to get an idea of the sort of shots they’re looking for – plus the actual covers on Amazon of course. Lesley Treloar at http://www.lesleytreloar.com has recently got accepted at Arcangel Images and I’m looking forward to seeing her shots up on the website.
      Good Luck!

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