Bits and Bobs

Usually I try to pull together pictures into a common theme, but there are some which are just ‘one offs’. Hence this title which indicates that there’s no coherent theme at all in this post….

First one was inspired by a passage in ‘Moonfleet’ by J. Meade Faulkner (first published 1898 according to the preface of my copy). This is a story about 18th century smuggling on the Dorset coast and a classic novel of the time.   A candle with a pin stuck into it used to be used to ‘time’ auctions – when the ‘pin drops’ the auction is over. I liked the idea of the suspense as the bidders waited until the last few unpredictable seconds before putting their final bids in.


A bit minimalistic here – self explanatory really.


Finally a fast lens (50mm F1.4) on an Olympus 620 – the narrow depth of field and DXO tweaked colours make this shot worthwhile.00048221

As always these (rather random) shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography


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