Shooting Doors Part Four

A few more for the Legion – hope you like them!

First one – a badly bashed up and overgrown door on an old farm. APX100 film, OM1N.


This is ‘quality’ peeling paint – Canon 60D + some basic post processing.


Can’t do a post without a Lensbaby shot…. This one’s the Sweet 35 on an Olympus Pen.


Well it’s part of a door… The slatted parts made a nice graphic pattern surrounding the latch.


This one was taken as part of the series in the Rollei Blackbird film post – Zuiko 50mm F1.4 wide open.


Thanks for looking – hope they give you some ideas for your photography (doors in this case!).


8 thoughts on “Shooting Doors Part Four

  1. Yesterday I was taking some photos for my blog and was waiting outside a house admiring the highly polished letter box, the owner came out and smiled as she looked at me admiring her door. I said lovely door and your letter box is polished lovely … See its all your fault doing these dam door blog pages ! …… people think i am casing their house !!!

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