More In Camera Processing


Why my first image won’t appear in the reader is anyone’s guess – always used to work – any ideas out there? Following on from the last post about using the Olympus PEN ‘Dramatic Tone’ effect, I’ve had a bit more of a play around using it on some Lensbaby Sweet 35 shots.

These first three were taken on a very stormy day on the coast – it was worth the effort despite getting soaked.



The weather has mostly been dark and overcast over the last few weeks, and the effect drags some lovely cloud detail out from an otherwise grey sky.

00274808It all lends itself to some dark, moody (maybe melodramatic!) landscapes, enhanced by DXO Filmpack post processing and maybe the odd layer here and there. There’s been a few birds added here as well – blurred in a layer using the ‘motion blur’ tool.


This is a milennium beacon inland – shows the ‘burnt in’ sky nicely – I used to do this on B/W prints with bits of card on sticks!


Might as well finish on a gothic feel – been trying to take a decent shot of this monument for years and this is my best attempt yet.


As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.

p.s. Apologies – haven’t been posting much lately – been too busy taking pictures!


13 thoughts on “More In Camera Processing

  1. The images that are in portrait display won’t seem to appear in the reader. I noticed yesterday. It’s weird. Maybe a wordpress glitch? Great photos by the way! 🙂

  2. Nice shots and processing. That first one feels just right.

    Do you set a featured image? That might affect things if you don’t.
    It could also be your Theme. I notice that some photos get cropped in reader, and some apparently of the same format do not. The only difference seems to be the theme. There is a thread or too over on the support page about the new reader and people’s experiences. You might want to add your voice there.

    • Thanks ephem – tried featured image but doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried a few different themes too – all no effect so it’s probably something to do with landscape/portrait/picture dimensions as Afterglow hinted at.

    • Just sheer chance really – chose Arcangel as a picture library (over the big agencies like Alamy) and their speciality is book covers so it’s all I seem to shoot pics for now – everything is portrait mode!

  3. Beautiful images, and great processing!
    It is actually quite “nice” to hear that other also have problems with the reader, then it’s not just me…
    Some of the blogs I follow doesn’t show in the reader, and some that I don’t follow, shows…. Kinda weird…
    And I have huge problems with the new uploader too. I have searched and asked in the forums, but nothing…
    I have to edit every image a couple of times before it shows in the post…. Strange…
    And I don’t know what to do… Do you?

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