Shooting Doors Part Two

A few more for the Legion – what a fantastic idea!

First a nice Victorian one – they’re always so pretty. Lightly layered with a vignette.


Next a church door – can’t remember where – with some ornate almost celtic/saxon metalwork.


Next, a reversal of the ‘darkening levels’ technique (see previous post) where the highlights are pushed into the midtones to give a washed out effect, keeping just the essentials of the image.


Not strictly a door – more where a door was then boarded up in a run down part of town.


This final one is a particular favourite as it was my first sale – ‘Murder Ballad’ by Jane Hill.


Here’s the cover – note all image rights are owned by the publisher.


Taken on all sorts of kit so I won’t bore you with the details.

Thanks for looking – there should be some nice Christmas wreaths on doors to shoot over the next few days!


5 thoughts on “Shooting Doors Part Two

  1. Do love that rusted bolt and latch for the bookcover ! and the steps leading up to the door image…. I could spend all day experimenting like this 🙂

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