Tree Tuesday Number 2

The second Tree Tuesday for me – didn’t realise how many shots of trees I had, so thanks to Jeff for thinking up the idea.

So – the first shot on EFKE 820 IR film in an OM1N taken on a very windy day on the coast. This film’s supernatural ability to gather dust while drying led me to just remove the larger spots and leave the rest to give it ‘character’ – does that sound like a plausible excuse?


And shot 2 – mistletoe colonising a tree, taken on a Canon 60D, layered and toned. Must be getting close to Christmas!


Hope you like them and thanks for looking.


10 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday Number 2

  1. Thanks for the mention in your post. This is another welcomed addition to the Tree Tuesday celebration. I especially like the first image. The trees branches moving in such haste as though it has some place to go, yet the trunk simply won’t let it leave.

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