Tree Tuesday

Thanks to a hint from shimmeringgrains, I read the idea for ‘Tree Tuesday’ by Jeff and had to give it a try!

This first one is an infra red shot on a converted Fuji 810 with a Hoya R72 filter, and involved lots of messing around with the colour mixer in Photoshop to get the final image. There was a red/purple cast in the midtones of the tree bark (this doesn’t happen often for some reason) which looked better than a straight conversion to mono


This was taken on the now discontinued Efke infrared film in some beech woodland nearby. A very different look, and difficult to reproduce on digital – though the digital image was much more convenient to take as no tripod was required! Only got 2 rolls left in the fridge so I’m slowly moving to Rollei IR film and preparing a post about they compare.


Thanks for looking!


6 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday

  1. Thank you for the mention and the link back to my blog, much appreciated. Its great to see you join in on the Tree Tuesday celebration, the more the merrier!

    I’ve not tried IR photography myself, but I’ve always been drawn to how they render trees such radiant white colors. In scenes such as your second image, I always think of the trees as the light source illuminating everything around it.

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