A Winter Day in Dorchester + APX100 film

Enough vintage clothing shoots (see previous posts)! It’s back to film and Dorchester in Dorset (UK) – one of my favourite photographic locations, especially given some foggy winter weather.

Firstly a Victorian park and some nice foggy tones into the distance. APX100 is very good at rendering delicate midtones which is why I use it as an  ‘all purpose’ film.

There wasn’t much light around so this was shot at maximum aperture hence the narrow depth of field.

This shot of benches and some pollarded trees really came alive with a texture layer – something to do with the way it interacts with the foggy midtones.

Next on to a church and a cemetery – sorry I’m a book cover photographer and a bit of gothic is irresistible!

My usual ‘not sure why I like this’ shot – I’ve taken it several times over several years but it’s never quite right.

Finally a controlled depth of field shot taken at 3 apertures to get the best effect – the maximum aperture of 1.4 left the gravestone too out of focus – this was at f2.

All shots on Agfaphoto APX100 on an Olympus oM2 with either a 50mm f1.4 or a 28mm f2 Zuiko, which is a lovely light kit for a day’s shooting. The film was developed in Rodinal 1+50.

As always these shots are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking – hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


4 thoughts on “A Winter Day in Dorchester + APX100 film

  1. Goodness, I wish they sold APX100 in the states, you’re right about those mid-tones. Beautiful. Wonderful foggy, moody imagery. We get some foggy mornings in Seattle, though we refer to it as a marine layer. My problem is that I’m either heading to work or sleeping in at peak fog time.

    • Thanks Janobscura – I’m just about to order another 20 rolls! It’s amazing that no one in the US sells this film – is somewhere like Lomography.com worth a look? Though it won’t be cheap….

  2. Fantastic photographs, I can certainly see why Dorchester in Dorset is one of your favorite places to photograph. The place is oozing with character, of course a nice layer of fog only enhances the mood. I particularly like the shot with the row of benches curving around the tree, and the church/cemetery shot. Top notch stuff.

    • It’s a brilliant place – mostly Georgian and Victorian buildings, with avenues of trees around the outside of the town where the Roman walls were. As you say – a bit of fog helps a lot! Thanks for the comment.

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