Shooting Vintage Clothing (with Emily) Part 3

Finally the last of the vintage clothes pics – until we do another shoot anyway. If you’ve missed the background story it’s in part one so I won’t repeat myself!

Onto the first shot – Lensbaby portrait of Emily in a cloche hat and one of my all time favorites. This was taken with diffused natural light from a frosted window against a plain coloured wall – about the simplest lighting possible.

Emily with a vintage spanish fan doing the ‘look over the top’ thing. It took ages to get the colour right for this, balancing the blue of the eyes with the subtlety of the other colours!

Not sure why I like this one…. as with the previous one the texture layer and the Lensbaby blur combine to make something special.

Emily outside with some nice flare to give it some atmosphere. I never liked lens hoods!

Emily + Lensbaby, outdoors in the sunshine. Not much more to say really.

Cloche hat again, and ‘copy space’ for book covers to the left. Light from a reflector brightened the face under the brim of the hat.

Finally just a simple 1940’s style portait in a dress of the period (well ish).

If you’re interested in kit, as before all Lenbaby shots were taken on an Olympus EPL3 and everything else on a Canon 60D with a 15-85mm. Both cameras were shooting in RAW. The indoor shots were all shot at 2000+ ASA and both cameras, especially the Canon, coped very well.

As always these are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome. All images have a signed model release, and Emily is happy for them to appear on the blog.

The other vintage clothing posts are here (with Amber) and here (with Mary) and further down the log if you’d like to see the others. I’d like to thank Emily and Amber for their patience, and Mary for supplying the clothes and organising the venues for these vintage clothing shoots.

If you’re interested in any more of Mary’s vintage clothing, the link to her Facebook page is here.

Hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


5 thoughts on “Shooting Vintage Clothing (with Emily) Part 3

  1. Very nice Rob, and I can see why you would like the first one in particular! Did you add a texture layer to the background, or was that the natural texture of the wall? Either way, it works!

    • Hello Tim – just a texture layer with a tiny amount of Photoshop vignette. I can’t seem to resist applying a texture layer to everything now even if it’s barely visible! Thanks for the comment.

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