Shooting Vintage Clothing (with Emily) Part 2

On to part two and this time in colour! In brief – same background story as part one – vintage clothing from Mary’s shop.

Starting with a Lensbaby portrait of Emily in a white fake fur wrap. The soft blurriness of the lens seems to suit the hair and white wrap and I really can’t decide if it’s better in black and white or colour!

Drifting quickly back into classic ‘book cover’ territory here – people holding stuff like books, postcards etc.

Emily with the stone staircase as a background. Does this count as a portrait?

More book cover stuff – hands held whilst sitting down on the steps.

And one from the same series – the shoes resting by Emily’s side make this one for me.

Now a ‘prim and proper’ abstract – reminds me of ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ for some reason.

Finally Emily writing in a notebook in a 1930’s jacket and dress, though I’m bit miffed the notebook isn’t more obviously in focus.

As always these are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

All images have a signed model release, and Emily is happy for them to appear on the blog.

The other vintage clothing posts are here (with Emily part 1)here (with Amber) and here (with Mary) if you’d like to see the others.

If you’re interested in any more of Mary’s vintage clothing, the link to her Facebook page is here.

Hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


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