Shooting Vintage Clothing (with Emily) Part 1

This post is the latest in a short series about shooting vintage clothing supplied by a friend from her shop’s stock.  These are the black and white ones – there are two more colour posts to follow due to the number of pictures. Looking at these they’re more portraits than fashion shoot – never mind!

Firstly, a simple ‘classic’ portrait taken with studio lights (supplied by the two other photographers – thanks), toned in DXO filmpack. Emily was wearing a black cape which disappears nicely into the black background.

Next, two taken in the same spot but with some of the industrial background showing behind – these were shot in a factory being converted into shops (where Mary’s new shop outlet will be).

And one more outside with a rather bleak background…

This next one is taken with a Lensbaby, and converted to black and white, which removed the distraction of a very brightly coloured 1950’s dress. There are some colour shots in subsequent posts.

Again with the Lensbaby which has excelled itself in the ‘blurry out of focus’ department! Just on the edge of being unrecognisable…

Finally Emily in a cloche hat with light from a reflector providing some light under the brim of the hat. Looks a bit 1920’s.

These shoots are always a good day, and we’re all getting a bit better each time. We even remembered to take lunch on the last one!

If you’re interested in kit, all Lenbaby shots were taken on an Olympus EPL3 and everything else on a Canon 60D with a 15-85mm. Both cameras were shooting in RAW. The indoor shots were all shot at 2000+ ASA and both cameras, especially the Canon, coped very well.

As always these are taken for the book cover market, and all comments, critiques and questions are welcome. All images have a signed model release, and Emily is happy for them to appear on the blog.

The other two vintage clothing posts are here (with Amber) and here (with Mary) if you’d like to see the others.

If you’re interested in any more of Mary’s vintage clothing, the link to her Facebook page is here.

Hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


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