Autumn Leaves (and Playing with Colour)

Just when you thought you’d seen enough pictures of autumn leaves someone else decides to post some!

I’d spotted this avenue of trees a while ago, and had a free day to return just as the colours were about right and the light (eventually) was perfect. After a few weeks of shooting 35mm film, this did seem too easy, and as a result I ended up taking way more shots than I do with film. Which is fine until you come to edit them…

While I was post-processing these I also ran them through DXO Filmpack to see the results as rendered by different types of film (now mostly discontinued). It’s surprising how much of a different feel the different film profiles give. I’ll do a proper  comparison between the different film types in another post (someday), but for today I’ll just post the pictures as I didn’t really make any notes as I went along – just went for a good effect.

All shot on a Canon 60D in RAW mode, with a 15-85mm, a 70-300mm lens or a Lensbaby Sweet 35.

More muted colours and a slight green tint give this a completely different atmosphere, almost like it was shot early in the morning.

The light was just getting better for this shot, and the shadow of the cloud was advancing towards the camera giving a darker foreground.

This shot at a low angle and the lens set to a wider focal length.

Virtually from the same spot with a Sweet 35 Lensbaby.

And another…

On to a different location – some beech woodland with some low sunshine filtering through the trees.

The light on the branches was so good a shot from closer in seemed to work.

Finally a shot I’ve been trying to take for years and not succeeded, but this time the light and colours seem just about right.

So a really good days shooting and some shots for the agency as well.

Hope you like them and they give you some creative ideas for your photography.


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