Shooting in Abandoned Buildings Part 2

As the first post on abandoned buildings was quite popular, it seemed OK to post another.

This first set were taken in a building found when taking shelter from some torrential rain. The water has been leaking in for years and cracked the paintwork up nicely.

For once I remembered to look up.

Can’t resist peeling paint – can anyone?.

Same light as before – the blurriness down both sides was done using the 60D’s camera RAW processing filter ‘Miniature Effect’  turned vertically.

This second set were taken in my house after a fire 7 years ago. As the camera gear survived more or less unscathed it made sense to take some pictures a few days afterwards. All taken on an Olympus 8080.

This was taken in the kitchen – I really liked the subtle patterns made by the smoke and the tiny cracks in the plaster.

This is the melted burglar alarm – the black soot splashed everywhere and the melted plastic contrast quite well.

These were in the spare room – old framed victorian adverts.

Finally my favourite – the cracks and burned bits of the frame make some nice patterns.

Hope you like them – not a Lensbaby shot amongst the lot!

As always comments, critiques and questions always welcome.


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