Off Season English Seaside Towns

There’s an enduring fascination with seaside towns off season. I like the emptiness of these places which were packed with tourists and holidaymakers in the summer and are now closed up and dormant for winter.

So I thought I’d have a wander around a few of Dorset’s resorts with an Olympus OM2N, a 50mm and a 28mm lens and a few rolls of Agfaphoto APX 100. I had in mind taking some quirky shots of piers, beach huts, amusement arcades and the strange stuff which is wheeled out to grab the attention of visitors.

Hope you like them – they were taken just for fun really – they won’t go to the agency as I’m not sure what they’d do with them.

This first set is in Swanage which is a very old fashioned family resort.

Empty Swanage Tea Shop

And another one

It was really good travelling light and taking shots for the enjoyment of it rather than trying to get agency shots. None of the shots are extensively post-processed, maybe just a slight tint or a layer – APX100 is such good film it doesn’t seem to need much, and always seems to produce a rich range of midtones without becoming too dark. All developed in Rodinal 1+50.

This is quirky…

So, off down the pier – always a good location.

These Jubilee flags are getting a bit worn.

Victorian pier and beach front shelters – I could shoot these all day!

This chair was outside one of the beach huts and had seen better days (and plenty of them).

This is the corner of a mural – nice of them to tell us.

How much more Swanage Tourist Information can there be off season?

This second set is in Bournemouth, which is a bit trendy (at least by comparison with Swanage!).

Happy happy happy!

Cheesy shot of some plastic spades in a beach hut – sorry!

Beach huts and a shadow – one day I’ll get the perfect shot.

I’m sure the curious lady on the left was determined to get into a picture.

Comments, critiques and questions always welcome.


2 thoughts on “Off Season English Seaside Towns

  1. I’m not at all familiar with APX100. They don’t sell much Agfa around Seattle but I do have a drawer full of Agfachrome which I’ve enjoyed. Do you have an idea of how APX100 would handle long exposures?

    • Hello Janaobscura – it handles most things well if developed in Rodinal – they were developed for each other. The data sheet (with reciprocity times) is on the website though it’s a bit hit and miss when we can get it in the UK. The thin base means it goes on the spiral really easily. If it’s available I buy it in blocks of 10 at a time – it’s that good!

      Thanks for the comment.

      Oh – forgot to add it’s 35mm only I think.

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