Websites for Film Users?

If you’re the sort of photographer who’s pulse rate rises and eyes go all dreamy at the mention of ‘Tri X’, ‘Pentax K1000’ or ‘Rodinal’ read on.

There are thousands of digital photo websites, but not that many dealing with film photography. Given the huge number of variables involved with shooting, developing and scanning film this always strikes me as odd – until I remember there aren’t that many people using film these days (apparently).

Apart from the manufacturer’s websites, where are they?

For B/W processing times of almost every film in every known developer there the Massive Dev Chart here This has taken someone ages!

For all film related stuff, there’s the Analogue Photographers Users Group (APUG) here – This is quite technical but a very good place to learn and one of my favourites. has quite a lively film user group on the forums, and is good for film development.

For ‘old kit’ aka classic cameras the best is at which covers most of the camera systems.

Shimmeringgrains have posted a few up here – thanks for the links –

Can anyone suggest favourites you use all the time?


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