Random Photo Opportunities

There are photo opportunites which present themselves to us every day, and there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to take that shot.

The best advice I was ever given (well, photo related advice) was ‘always carry a camera’.

On a related note there’s also the photographer’s question ‘What’s the best camera in the world?’. Answer – ‘The one you’ve got on you now’.

I can’t show you the missed opportunities (obviously), but here are a few that did result from following some good advice.

Really Weird Chair

This was taken earlier in the year when out walking around an abandoned airfield with a friend who had injured his back and needed a nice level walk. 3/4 of the way round we came across this – a ‘comfy chair’ sitting on the airfield in the middle of nowhere near a bonfire heap. This was the first shot of several, and as always, the best. Messed around a bit with DXO filmpack, but that’s about it.

Wrecked Piano

This was taken at an antique shop. A wrecked upright piano was outside in the rain, and was a bit of an unmissable opportunity. I asked the owner if they minded me taking the picture and they were happy enough. Made me wonder who owned it before it was sold to the shop – probably a prized family possession and now just a piece of junk.

I used to work somewhere which was very photogenic – Dorchester in Dorset. I usually had enough time to walk a bit before getting into work and one autumn day on a very long walk into work I shot this. Maybe a bit of a cliche, but not a bad start to the day.

Another morning walk to work, virtually the same spot, but much foggier.

I found a remote, recently abandoned house a few years ago on a walk with the family. They walked on on and I promised to ‘catch up’. In the garage was this old smashed TV with what looked like a take away container stuffed into it. The whole thing was fascinating but uncomfortable at the same time –  a real battle between a photographer’s excitement at finding a great subject and an uneasy feeling at trespassing in someone’s (presumably departed) domestic life and possessions.  I didn’t stay too long.

Finally, some old stable doors – I just liked the colours really, and the contrast between the red bricks and the blue paintwork.


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