Rollei Blackbird – A favourite film

Door in an Abandoned Building

A post to illustrate the qualities of Rollei Blackbird. This is available in 36 exposure 35mm format, and can be exposed at 25 or 100 ASA (I prefer 100).

Rollei Blackbird Shot 2

I’ve only be developed as per instructions in Kodak D76 developer or it’s Ilford equivalent ID11, using stock dilutions. If you’re going process this, make sure you keep a litre or two of separate as it makes a bit of a mess of the developer if reused.

Funfair Ride

Exposure is best biased towards shadows – there are a lot of these with this film! It cuts to black very quickly in the grey scale, and has a fine grained, soft look about it. If you allow a bright sky to dominate the exposure reading you’ll end up with an unuseable negative.

It scans as 24 bit colour with a nice blue cast, which emphasises the dark effect. This is probably because no matter how long I fix it for it keeps a pink tinge on the negative. Still, nice effect.

Best suited to a dark or mysterious mood, it’s not the best choice for everyday use, but matched to the right subject it produces images unlike any other film I know.


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